Patient Testimonial LA Integrative

Patient Testimonial LA Integrative


“Dear Dr. Rahbar,

We have had the best summer ever thanks to you!

Both my son and I are feeling better than we ever have. You have given us the opportunity to truly reclaim our lives. We have been able to feel so good now that our g.i. systems are stronger. You have helped us find the missing pieces to resolve our many health problems and issues.

After seeing you, we are now able to have a busy, full life! My son has overcome his constant allergy and stomach issues enough to participate in a summer-long junior lifeguard academy. Every morning he begins a rigorous 3 hours of running, swimming, exercising and training. Prior to becoming your patient he would become feverish and ill when he would pursue vigorous exercise. Now he is thriving.

We have been able to travel this summer also. We have been able to enjoy new places and new foods without pain. My son was able to sleep in hotel rooms without developing horrible allergic symptoms.

It is as though you have freed us from the constant limitations and struggles we have had our whole lives. We have enjoyed each day and the opportunity to be without pain!

Now, I am bringing to you my daughter. There is no way our family can move forward without fully receiving your expertise on our health.

Thanks to you, my children and I, now have a future full of new opportunities!”
-Christi M.

“Twenty-one months of nausea and dizziness.

Thirty-eight Beverly Hills doctors and specialists; psychopharmacologists and shrinks; healers, homeopaths and other assorted quacks.
Dozens of blood labs, brain scans, colonoscopies, endoscopies, MRIs, X-rays, radioactive digestion tests and a revolving door of dangerous psychopharmaceuticals.

Zero diagnoses.

My gf was written-off, told that her symptoms were all in her head.
Then we found Dr. Farshid Sam Rahbar and it became clear that her former doctors – including prominent gastroenterologists – were blaming her ills on the wrong body part.
For over 20 years, this regal yet warm and gentle man has been practicing integrative digestive medicine, methodically examining each patient’s medical history and lifestyle with the intensity of a gastro-centric Sherlock Holmes in order to tailor-make his treatment plans.
Best yet, he LISTENED to us.

Dr. Rahbar was the first doctor to examine the finest details of my gf’s life and medical history, with a major focus on what she puts into her stomach. Rahbar told us that, “Your stomach is not yours. It belongs to Nature. Every thing you put into in – food, liquid, medicine, supplements – has an effect on your entire body. The stomach is where it all begins.”

And he was right. Dr. Rahbar zeroed-in on my gf’s condition at our first appointment. His new dietary rules improved her symptoms by 80% within the first few weeks.

It will take some time for my gf to get to where she needs to be – and there are times when old eating habits die hard – but Dr. Rahbar has always been there to catch her when she falls, is always attentive, and he always makes the time to see us when an issue needs extra attention.
Sadly, few physicians like Dr. Rahbar practice with such passion and curiosity anymore. We’re forever grateful for all he’s done for us.

Oh… and when you see him, ask him what “smart beans” are! :)”
-M.B. K.

“Dear Dr. Rahbar,
I just wanted to thank you again for all of your wonderful and kind assistance with my medical procedure back in August. You are a special doctor and I was blessed that you decided to help me in my time of need. I’m still looking for work but I’m definitely happy I’m healthy. I will forever sing your praise.

“Dr. Rahbar is by far one of the most patient and caring physicians that I have ever met. When I came to see him well over ten years ago, I had no idea what was impacting my health. Dr. Rahbar took the time to listen to each concern and truly understood how to put the pieces together from a whole body approach. He wasn’t interested in just treating the symptoms; he was concerned with finding the cause. I am convinced that if I had not seen Dr. Rahbar many years ago, I would still be sick today. I am forever grateful for his kindness and vast knowledge in helping patients heal naturally. Dr. Rahbar’s personalized and integrative approach sets him apart from the rest.”
-Kim K.

“Dr Rahbar is the most amazing doctor I have ever met. After years of searching for a cure and numerous visits to various doctors, I finally met Dr Rahbar. From the first moment that we met, he listened closely to my issues and recognized the causes. He considers the WHOLE person and incorporates his extensive knowledge in holistic medicine in tailoring a personalized remedy. Immediately after following his direction, I felt relief. Throughout our medical relationship, he has gone above and beyond to be there for me, listen to me and help me. His mannerism is unbelievable, he is courteous, compassionate and intelligent beyond any words can describe. Thanks to Dr Rahbar I have regained my health and sense of self. I will forever be grateful to him.”
-Malak S.

“With the FirstLine Therapy program at LA Integrative Gastroenterology, I completely overhauled my way of eating to emphasize fresh whole foods, more veggies, and balance my blood sugar. Andie, my Nutrition & Lifestyle Educator, made the whole experience not only tolerable, but fun and rewarding. I lost 25 lbs, my heartburn went away, and my digestion became regular among other results. The staff at LA Integrative Gastroenterology is very knowledgeable and explained everything in a way that motivated me to eat better and include a regular program of cardio and strength training in my life. Andie is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend LA Integrative Gastroenterology!”
– Howard K.

“(These days, a lot is written about Enlightenment. Well I’ve come to the conclusion that being enlightened is about having a healthy GI Track).

Dr. Rahbar’s has a comprehensive approach towards his practice that takes into account all aspects of the GI track. In my case, he not only ruled out any major maladies but he also looked at the GI track to see how well I am absorbing nutrients and how well I am moving the waste material. Both very important functions as you can imagine. A simple blood test showed that I was deficient in key areas (i.e. B12, Mg, etc.) and was not absorbing nutrients well. Taking B12 supplements had a noticeable impact. I felt more energetic and mentally clearer. Dr. Rahbar also looked at my eating habits, provided detailed instructions, and ruled out any allergies to major food groups like wheat. By avoiding late night meals, I have been sleeping better.

A comprehensive stool test showed not only low levels of good bacteria but also identified the specific bacteria overgrowth that was giving me discomfort. I was treated for that particular bacterium which eliminated the general discomfort that I had learned to live with for years. The on-going maintenance includes taking probiotics and a supplement to suppress the growth of this bacteria.

My advice to you is not to endure any discomfort in your GI track and seek an approach that addresses all aspects of your digestive system.”
– Mehdi M.

“This is the best gastroenterologist in the county of Los Angeles. I got sick with GERD in 2001. I took every medicine that was ever prescribed. I had surgery. I tried every diet that I could to find the reason why my stomach and esophagus were always burning. No help, no relief. Then I met Dr. Rahbar. He gave me a breath test, which I had never had before. He found a widespread bacterial infection in my small intestine based on the breath test. He told me to eliminate all sugary foods and severely limit carbohydrates which would starve out the bacteria. It worked!! Pain free for months now! No drugs, no surgery. Farshid Rahbar is an honest to goodness doctor. Patient and kind. Five stars. No, ten.”
– Katie F.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Rahbar for many years and plan to continue to seek his care and guidance for as long as he practices medicine. More than 13 years ago, I was suffering from a multitude of problems and was referred to Dr. Rahbar. I am forever grateful that I was, because I am certain that I would still be sick today had I not sought out his expert care. By treating my symptoms with the latest therapies available and adjusting my diet, I can honestly say he was the pivotal person in turning my health around and changing my life. Dr. Rahbar is a patient and kind physician forging new grounds in how medicine is practiced. He treats the whole person looking to find the root cause of disease, the foundation of functional medicine. Simply put, Dr. Rahbar is the best GI doctor in Los Angeles. I highly recommend Dr. Rahbar’s services to anyone seeking better health.”
– Kim K.

“About 30 years ago, I began a journey – perhaps odyssey a better choice of words. This odyssey has called on my fortitude in many departments. Along the way I have had to knock on the door of many different kinds of medical help (allergist, urologist, gynecologist, integrative OB/GYN, and Functional OB/GYN, multiple gastrointerologist, naturopathic, homeopath, applied kinesiologist, chinese medicine, functional OB/GYN, endocrinologist, nutritionist, integrative internist, acupuncturist). As well as trying on a number of different healing diets (…..a modified Specific Carbohydrate Diet the right fit for what ails me). But to the point of this posting, what I want to say is that Dr. Rahbar is the kind of practitioner that makes time and listens; takes on your healthcare in a sort of partnership – listening to your experience and ideas; he sees the big picture and the small one too; he makes room in his busy schedule to work with you; he stays focused while remaining open minded about the possibilities; he is smart and experienced; he has a heart and a sense of humor; he integrates allopathic and functional medicine in a complimentary way.
I am beginning to feel better than i have in decades, but with an understanding of what has been going wrong for so very long. The possibility of a full recovery is around the corner. And I could never have even imagined this a possibility before now, before seeing him. It’s true, I hesitated to call him when encouraged – I did not want to go tell my miserable sob story of ill health yet again; be charged a lot of money again; take a lot of tests again; be told what i already knew about my broken guts again. I was wrong. What a relief!
Don’t give up on yourself. Life is so short. If you are reading this post, you are probably in need of some good help. He is paitent and understands that healing takes time. Don’t give up on yourself, Dr. Rahbar will not. Stay curious and faithful.”
– Melanie C.

“I am a new patient, having just moved to CA this year. Dr. Rahbar came very highly recommended. As a nurse, I have very high expectations of the health care providers that I choose. Dr. Rahbar was very thorough, he spent all the time necessary to determine what my health needs were. He helped me define and clarify goals that I wasn’t even clear about. The tests he ordered were appropriate and gave the answers I was looking for. At my follow up appointment all of the findings were carefully explained and my questions were answered. Follow up was arranged. I truly appreciated the integrative nature of his practice. In addition, the office staff are all very professional, kind and helpful. It is a pleasure to give Dr. Rahbar the highest possible rating.”
– Maryrose C.

“Dear Dr. Rahbar,

Thank you for this immensely valuable opportunity over the past month. I have learned an enormous amount in such a short time , and greatly admired your expertise and fervor. Experiences like this are what drive me to become a future physician, and I would love to further explore my passion in medicine. I look forward to keeping in touch!”

– Mark H. (Intern at LA Integrative Gastroenterology & Nutrition)