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At Los Angeles Integrative Gastroenterology & Nutrition in Century City, California, patients from throughout Los Angeles receive expert diagnosis and treatment for gastroenterological diseases, delivered with a holistic approach to whole-patient health and wellness. Farshid Sam Rahbar, MD, FACP, ABIHM, a board-certified internist and gastroenterologist, founded the practice and is committed to helping his patients lead healthy, active, and fulfilling lives.

Dr. Farshid Sam Rahbar and his team incorporate the best of Western medicine and scientific research with integrative and functional medicine to deliver a holistic approach to digestive care. Integrative medicine addresses all aspects of a patient’s wellness, working to heal the condition causing the symptoms instead of just relieving symptoms.

The whole-person approach allows Dr. Rahbar and his team to address a patient’s mind and body by considering their lifestyle and nutrition. They look for the cause of inflammation, infection, immune system dysfunction, allergies, hormonal issues, and gut integrity. This approach helps patients improve and enhance their overall health as digestive problems often cause symptoms throughout the body.

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Farshid Sam Rahbar, MD, FACP, ABIHM

– American Board of Internal Medicine
– American Board of Gastroenterology
– American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine
– American Board of Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine
– Fellowship Trained, Functional Medicine

Dr. Rahbar's Approach to Medicine

Whole Person Approach
to Digestive Care

Sibo & Related Microbiome as Biological Markers of Systematic Illness


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