Dr. Rahbar Mentioned on Joe Rogan’s Podcast 09/08/22

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Doctor is a good investigator. Helps to calm patient that worries about illness. Has good ideas and reasonable options for patient. 3rd visit. Thank you.

Jayne C., Submitted 11/26/19

Excellent! Dr Rahbar is the best!

Hiram W., Submitted 11/18/19

Great doctor. Knowledgeable in the digestive health and the impact it has on all organs, attentive to detail. Highly recommended. His holistic approach combines years of experience in treating patients with current innovations and progress in the filed of medicine. A well-rounded physician, intelligent, professional and dedicated.

Anastasia A., Submitted 11/16/19

Very professional and knowledgeable. Michael Erdman made me feel very comfortable and at ease with the Heidelberg testing. Thank you!

Francis S., Submitted 11/13/19

Nice to feel that a busy doctor is really interested in my well being

Helen B., Submitted 11/06/19

Very thorough, compassionate and knowledgeable

Martha R., Submitted 10/29/19

Good experience.

Shahla B., Submitted 10/24/19

Dr Rahbar is one of the most brilliant physicians I have ever met. Don’t waste your time(or health) with any other.

Diana B., Submitted 10/24/19

I always feel very seen by Dr.Rahbar as he has the wonderful qualities of both compassion and competence.

Colin H., Submitted 10/16/19

I initially saw Dr. Rahbar on October 31, 2016. I was very ill having been on three biologics (Remicade, Humira, Stelara) over a two-year period at Ronald Reagan Medical Center (UCLA) (Pediatric Gastroenterology). I was unable to digest anything due malabsorption, nutritional deficiencies, abdominal cramps, severe diarrhea, bloating, gas, incontinence and frequent stooling and general malaise. I was unable to attend college or work. I was housebound and pretty much stuck on the toilet. I had a poor quality of life (doctor appointments, hospitalizations, pain, severe side effects from the drugs, insomnia and I spent most of my day and night in the bathroom. I had to lie down for the long appointment that lasted over two hours. Dr. Rahbar asked many questions about my genetic background, health status, travel, exposure to toxicities, and ordered many tests. He is a brilliant MD with decades of GI experience. He uses an Integrative approach to healing his patients. I would’ve succumbed to my Crohn’s disease had my mom not taken me to a Functional Medicine physician (Dr. Pearl Zimmerman). She referred me to Dr. Rahbar after recommending supplements and various modalities. For the past six months I have been in a flare and I resumed treatment with Dr. Rahbar after seeing a GI who had no recommendations other than surgery and Symponi. I trust Dr. Rahbar implicitly. I highly recommend him to anyone who cannot achieve wellness with Western or allopathic medicine. I owe my life to Dr. Rahbar.

Roxanne K., Submitted 08/29/19

Dr. Rahbar Really listens to what I have to say Concerning my health.

Timothy R., Submitted 08/06/19

Very thorough and look forward to getting to the root of my case

Joseph B., Submitted 07/25/19

Very in depth, lots to find out with suggestions of easy things to try.

Rochelle F., Submitted 07/05/19

Excellent, very informative.

Alina M., Submitted 07/04/19

Very professional and paternal like talking, is worth the distance and price, even though my barrier language He managed it well.

Magda M., Submitted 06/27/19

Very helpful

Steve R., Submitted 06/24/19

Dr.Rahbar inspires confidence with his quiet confident manner, focus and obvious expertise. His compassion and decency shines through which provides an experience of being seen and treated in in a holistic manner.

Colin H., Submitted 06/05/19

Excellent care. The doctor really invests in knowing and understanding his patients. Very compassionate. Takes his time with you, never feels rushed. Has helped me immensely. The office staff are great as well

Kayce B., Submitted 06/04/19

My daughter has suffered from a multitude of gastrointestinal problems for 5+ years. Other doctors we tried would prescribe meds that never helped or even sometimes hurt her. Many times after these appointments, we were left feeling utterly hopeless. When my daughter got to a place where her body stopped absorbing nutrients; was severely underweight; and could eat nothing but 2-3 food items (because every other food hurt her,) I researched holistic doctors who would take a different approach from the useless western medical approaches we already tried. I found Dr Rahbar on Yelp from someone’s review. I messaged that person privately and she told me that out of the many GI doctors she tried, Dr Rahbar was far and away the best GI doctor she ever went to. Thank God for her because she was right. And his approach was not “you just have to live with IBS forever – bummer for you.” (I actually had another respected GI doctor pretty much say that to her, but minus the word “bummer.”) It’s been under a year since our first visit with Dr Rahbar, and though it’s been a long, steady process of healing and repairing, I’m so happy to be able to say that my daughter is now 80% well and still on an upward trajectory. Before she saw him, she was so sick. As a desperate mom who would have done anything to get my daughter healthy again, this a miraculous improvement. I seriously had little to no hope before meeting Dr. Rahbar. I’m so grateful for not only his warm, caring attitude, but his deductive plan of attack to narrow in on my daughter’s very specific problems. (And she has many going on, it’s not just one problem.) Finding Dr Rahbar was like finding gold. I know that sounds overly effusive, but if you’re a parent who is desperate to find healing for your child, then you’ll understand why I feel that intensely. My daughter has a bit more healing to do in her future, but I finally have hope. And I do see light at the end of this very dark tunnel. Thank you Dr. Rahbar!

Julia E., Submitted 06/03/19

Dr Rahbar listens and he is very knowledgeable. He is a gentleman and he cares about the patient

Shirley H., Submitted 05/30/19

Dr. Rahbar is literally a lifesaving doctor who thinks outsidethe box. He not only has incredible medical expertise, but he has amazing holistic insight. His advice has led me to make wise choices in my overall health. He is an invaluable doctor.

Roxana C., Submitted 05/23/19

One of the most trusted Dr’s in Greater Los Angeles. I have been seeing him for the past 20 years and will not change it for anything

Farid A., Submitted 05/20/19

Best doctor!

Hyeyoung C., Submitted 04/29/19

Dr. Rahbar is always informative and helpful. Andrea is super competent.

Carolyn S., Submitted 04/25/19

What can I say?? There are just not enough words. Dr Rahbar is a dr’s dr. That means when dr’s cannot find out what is wrong they call him. I go to Dr Rahbar so he can oversee my overall healthcare to make sure no stone is left unturned. Believe me when I say there are not enough adjectives to describe this wonderful exceptional dr. If you are fed up with the endless searches for a good dr, and you feel frustrated with your current medical care, or you just want to keep your own dr’s in check and you feel like you need an advocate then Dr Rahbar is your best bet. You must try this amazing dr. His demeanor is so pleasant. He is kind, caring and wants to help u to feel better. He is a board certified excellent gastroenterologist, and a he is also well trained in functional medicine. He looks at the body as a whole and searches for the root causes of illness. I am beyond grateful to have found this extraordinary dr. Information regarding his services are on the site. If you have any questions the staff is wonderful and willing to help just ask. I hope if you decide to go to dr Rahbar your experience will be truly amazing and that you will be restored to good health or better health. He is really great!! Thank you so much Dr Rahbar!!

Eileen G., Submitted 04/24/19

I have been sick for 9 years and I’ve been to so many doctors and no one was able to figure out what was wrong with me. Many told me it was all in my head and referred me to a psychiatrist. Dr Rahbar has been such a breath of fresh air and I felt like he was the only doctor who truly listened to me and worked very hard to find answers. By my third appointment, he discovered that I have mold toxicity and also EBV. I am forever grateful to him. He is very knowledgeable and he truly cares for his patients. The time spent with him is quality time, I’ve never felt rushed and always feel like I have his full attention. I think he is absolutely the most wonderful doctor that has ever cared for me. Not only is he amazing but his staff is amazing too. They are all such beautiful, caring and helpful people. I’m so thankful I found Dr Rahbar.

Ashley M., Submitted 04/24/19

Dr Rahbar is one of those rare docs who actually WANTS to take the time and effort to figure out those tough or rare cases that every other doc dismisses! I’m thankful to have him on my side! He’s done more testing and has come up with better ideas than any doc I’ve had. Waiting on test results and procedures but I have more hope Than I have had in years that this will get solved. THANKYOU Dr Rahbar!

Monica O., Submitted 04/24/19