LA Integrative GI offers a wide variety of Analytical, Technical, Nutritional and Health Optimization Services. In addition, experience shows that support at many levels, professional and administrative, is needed for nearly all patients after their visit. The cost of the visit does not cover the need of ongoing support and the resources needed to sustain such support.

LA Integrative GI provides two models of care:

1. The practitioner functioning as a Treating Physician. This requires enrollment in our Membership Program.

2. The practitioner functioning as a Consulting Physician. A membership is not required.

1. As a Treating Physician, the provider will provide medical evaluations as well as order diagnostics (e.g. lab & imaging), prescribe medications, assist with referrals & authorizations, recommend supplements and will be involved in your ongoing medical care.

2. As a Consulting Physician, the practitioner will only conduct a medical evaluation and provide you with recommendations that you may implement through care and supervision of another treating doctor. Patients may request additional follow-up consultations or can request to be enrolled in our Membership Program.

Limited Availability

Membership spots are not unlimited. Membership is offered case by case and based on availability.


LA Integrative GI offers a wide variety of Analytical Services, Technical Services, Nutritional Services, and Health Optimization Services.

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Physician Analytical Services

Technical Services

Nutritional Services


Membership Program

The Membership Program will enable patients to visit the doctor as their Treating Physician meaning patients will be medically evaluated and their orders (including diagnostics, prescriptions, supplements, etc) will be processed and monitored thoroughly.

Membership Program

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