Comprehensive Consultation + 3-Month ENHANCED Support & Convenience Program $1175.

If Registration and Forms are completed online prior to visit, you pay $1075.

Follow-Up appointments are NOT included in the initial consultation.

The many BENEFITS included in the 3 months of ENHANCED support:

Ideal for those patients who would like to receive continuous treatment at LA Integrative GI and will schedule visits regularly.

  • $50 OFF each follow up office or online visit (compare rates below)
  • Full parking validation with each office visit
  • No extra charge for before 8.30 AM or after 5 PM appointments – $100 value
  • No extra charge for Saturday appointments, when available – $100 value
  • Waived occasional unexpected “No Show and Late Cancellations” – $100-$200 value
  • Waived in-office nasal specimen handling fee – $25 value
  • No fee for medical excuse forms; i.e. School, Airlines, Jury Duty – $75 value
      -does not apply to DISABILITY evaluation.
  • Refill request without appointment when medically appropriate – $25 value
  • Urgent refill authorization over the weekend – $35 value
  • Assistance with prior authorization for special medications, anesthesia, imaging, and procedures – $50 value
  • Correspondence with other practitioners regarding Treatment & Health-care Operations – physician’s hourly rate
  • Courtesy scheduling of outside tests & services and facilitating referrals – $25 value
  • Provision of medical records or letter of medical necessity (when needed) to assist vendors/labs get paid and reduce patient liability – $25-$50 value.
  • Provision of special receipt (“superbill”) with pertinent codes for reimbursement to patient/subscriber (Applies to PPO patients only)
  • Secure online communication through Patient Portal for brief medical inquiries that do not require formal office evaluation or dedicated time for counselling. Certain rules apply.
  • Medical records on CD at no charge ($25 value). Does not include shipping fee.
  • Upload latest results to Patient Portal, automatically or upon request
  • Priority scheduling

At the end of the 3 months you have option to ENROLL in Support & Convenience Package to continue receiving ENHANCED benefits OR schedule appointments with regular rates and pay per SERVICE.