Limited Consultation for Food Allergy/Sensitivity

$459 No Support (purchase support separately)

If Registration and Forms are completed online prior to visit, you pay $359.

This limited consultation is designed for patients who are simply interested in receiving laboratory testing for food allergy or sensitivity testing.

Considering that there are several laboratory testing models for food allergy and sensitivity testing, this consultation will provide an opportunity for the doctor to see what testing model best fits a patient from a medical point of view, insurance coverage and affordability.

Important Notice: Limited consultation only to determine which tests to order and how to proceed. Patients have the choice of moving to one of our more comprehensive consultation options on our menu of services.

As part of this evaluation, we may propose

  • Comprehensive gluten sensitivity to screen for celiac disease
  • Comprehensive genetic testing for celiac disease
  • Food & environmental sensitivity based on Cell Science Technology
  • IgE food allergies
  • IgG food sensitivities
  • IgG4 food sensitivities
  • Determining foods that cross react with gliadin and gluten
  • Discussing possible causes of food sensitivity
  • IgE testing through allergy skin testing – We do not provide this service, but can refer you to an allergist.
  • Consultation does not include the ordered lab fees