New Patient
Phone or Telemedicine Consultation $1475

Established Patients: See Below


  • Please note, this consultation is accepted on a case by case basis.
  • This service may be of value to those patients that live far away and wish to have our doctor review their data and perform an interview using Telemedicine or phone or other video conferencing online technology to receive opinion and recommendations that they can discuss with their treating physician.
  • As part of the evaluation, the doctor may recommend simple testing; however, as a general principle, we would not get involved in writing prescriptions or formal treatment implementation beyond dietary and lifestyle guidelines. This can change once you have actually visited our doctor in our office setting for an evaluation.
  • The payment for the Telemedicine consultation is used to cover about 75 minutes of services, which may include records review, patient interview, as well as the time required for documentation. We strongly recommend that patients take their own notes, particularly of plans and recommendations. Formal report preparation may incur an additional fee. The fee for the consultation does not cover ongoing support after the consultation.
  • Patients, however, may purchase a customized Support & Convenience program after their initial consultation with the doctor. The support program, among several benefits, will provide discounted fees on follow-up phone and/or video consultations.
  • Alternatively, patients have the choice to request follow-up inquiries, which could be as short as 10 minutes.
  • To make the best out of your consultation, please have the following items planned ahead of time:
    • Your medical records that you wish our doctor to review. Ideally, these should arrive prior to your visit.
    • Be clear on your line of questions. What questions you would like to be answered during the session.
    • Write your goals that you wish to reach.
    • Have office registration and forms completed ahead of time.
    • Fax or otherwise send us the completed MEDICAL HISTORY form(s) that we provide.
    • Make sure that we have your signed credit card authorization and credit card on file before the consultation. Also sign the third party agreement if someone else is paying for the services you receive.
    • Review and sign the CONSENT below.
  • Please note: A portion of the professional time will be used for documentation and implementation after the phone or video conferencing is completed.