Membership Program Fees for Doctors as Treating Physicians

Basic Concepts

1) – Separating Consultation Service – from Support Service

Experience shows that support at many levels, professional and administrative, is necessary for nearly all patients after their visit. The fee for a medical visit does not cover the need for ongoing support and the resources needed to sustain such support. We require enrollment in our Membership Program for patients who need continuing help.

2) – Membership Program Enrollment:
Understanding Treating Physician vs. Consulting Physician

To visit the physician as your Treating Physician, we require enrollment in our Membership Program. As a Treating Physician, the practitioner will provide medical evaluations as well as order diagnostics (lab & imaging), prescribe medications, assist with referrals, and recommend supplements and will be involved in your day-to-day medical supervision. The fee for the membership program is in addition to fees required for medical evaluations, diagnostics, and therapeutics

To visit the physician as your Consulting Physician, membership is not required. The practitioner will only conduct a medical evaluation and provide you with recommendations that you may implement through the care and supervision of another treating doctor. Patients, however, may request additional follow-up consultations or request to be enrolled in our Membership Program.


3) – Limited Availability of Spots for Signing up for the Membership Program

Membership spots are not unlimited. Membership is offered case by case and based on availability.

4) – Timing of Enrollment for the Membership Program

If you are a new patient and not sure if you wish to enroll, you can wait and decide after your first visit with the doctor

5) – New Patients

If you are a NEW PATIENT you may pay for your membership fee at the time of making your initial appointment or soon after your visit with the doctor.

6) – Established Patients

If you are one of our ESTABLISHED PATIENTS and wish to continue to maintain Dr. Rahbar as your treating doctor, we encourage you to enroll in the Membership Program as soon as possible before our capacity is reached

7) – Important Disclaimer

Enrollment in the Membership Program is not a replacement for medical visits.