Required Fee $299/Year – Pay Required Minimum Annual Administrative Fee

This fee is required for all Established Patients who are not enrolled in the Membership Program and wish to continue to receive basic medical services from the doctor as a “Treating Physician.”

This Minimum Annual Administrative Fee is not required if you’re visiting the doctor as a “Consulting Physician.”

Similarly, if you are currently enrolled in our Membership Program, this fee will be waived.


  • You are an Established Patient who has had a visit within the last three years and plans on receiving care.
  •  Your Membership has expired or was never activated
  • You intend to retain the physician as a “Treating Physician” for limited services, including:
      • 1-4 Appointment Requests per year
      • 1-4 Patient Inquiries (via portal, email, or phone) per year
      • Prescription Renewals/Refills Medication Renewals
      • Assistance with Prior Authorizations
      •  Limited Testing Initiated During Visits