Endoscopy and Colonoscopy Surgery Scheduling:

  • There are generally four types of professional fees involved with each surgical procedure:
  • Facility Fee,
  • Doctor’s Fee,
  • Anesthesia Fee, and
  • Pathology Fee.
  • When using PPO insurance, the surgical fees generally include a list price or the so called “usual & customary fees”, and a “patient portion” fee.
  • You can avoid “fragmentation of care” when your treating physician also performs your endoscopic procedures.
  • Patients are under no obligation to have their procedures performed at La Peer Surgical Center; however, the physician is also under no obligation to perform procedures at other facilities.
  • Dr. Farshid Rahbar performs procedures primarily at La Peer Surgical Center, a reputable surgical center, located at 8920 Wilshire Blvd, #101, Beverly Hills, CA 90211, Telephone: 877-959-2915, or 310-360-9119
  • La Peer Surgical Center is our top choice for endoscopic procedures because of its state of the art facility, highly-qualified technical staff, , low infection rate, and high rate of patient satisfaction. As a partner with an interest in La Peer Surgical Center, Dr. Farshid Rahbar takes pride in having the ability to express his opinion concerning the high quality of gastroenterology services at the surgical center.
  • Each service provider is responsible for its own fees and collection procedures.
  • When billing insurance, each service provider will submit claim with their “usual and customary fees”.
  • Whenever possible, La Peer Surgical Center will provide you with a “patient portion” facility fee prior to the surgery date. This fee may vary depending upon insurance benefits, deductibles, co-insurance or facility co-payments.
  • Patients without insurance can take advantage of fixed-rate arrangements. Whenever possible, surgical facility and professionals involved provide competitive rates.
  • After you have been evaluated, you may ask our office for details regarding any fee-related questions.
  • Payment is generally required prior to or at the time of arrival to the surgical center. Please come prepared with a method of payment.
  • For questions about “your portion” for surgical center fees, you may call the surgical center directly (310-360-9119) or call our office for assistance.
  • For patients with PPO insurance, it is generally possible to provide an estimated patient portion fee for different services. Expression of a “best estimate” does not limit your financial obligation after actual service has been provided.
  • We require a deposit or advance payment approximating deductible and coinsurance amount for patients using PPO insurance. Alternatively, we may require a credit card on file and an authorization to charge your credit card.
  • Patients with or without insurance may be presented with “Advanced Payment Options” prior to procedure date.
  • Insurance provided through educational institutions generally have limitations and are not acceptable for our use.
  • Surgical centers may decline admission for surgery if a patient has a prior overdue unpaid balance. Please plan to clear any prior unpaid balance prior to the procedure to avoid interruption of care.
  • Scheduled surgery times for endoscopy and colonoscopy are subject to change. Delays may occur for many reasons including complexity of a prior case.
  • Please allow extra flexibility in your schedule for your surgery date. Other appointments on the same day of surgery are not advisable.
  • Signing any agreement within 24 hours after anesthesia is not advisable.
  • You cannot drive until the next day after an endoscopy or colonoscopy. Please have a designated driver or ask our office for assistance. Additional fee may apply when using a medical transportation service. Ride-sharing and taxi service are not acceptable unless you have a companion with you.
  • Please arrive 8 hour fasting prior to your procedure. Exception will be colonoscopy prep, or medication when specified by the doctor.
  • Please arrive to the surgical center at least 1 hour before the scheduled appointment time.
  • You may PAGE the physician the day before with any questions about preparation for your procedures, such as endoscopy or colonoscopy.

Anesthesia Services and Fees:

  • There are four types of anesthesia: “local, “moderate sedation”, “deep sedation”, and “general”.
  • General Anesthesia Specialist Partnership (GASP) provides anesthesia service at La Peer Surgical Center. For inquiries call GASP (213)-637-3700 or ask La Peer Surgical Center 310-360-9119 for assistance.
  • Additional Contact Info for GASP:
  • GASP Patient Contact info:
  • Patient Lines: 213-637-3700
  • Hours: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Fax Line: 213 639-0790
  • Mailing Address: GASP
  • PO Box 515108
  • Los Angeles, CA 90051
  • EMail addresses: GASPEstimates@PCMM.org – out of pocket expense quotes
  • Info@PCMM.org – general billing questions
  • GASP is currently NOT contracted with HealthNet and United HealthCare. For the most updated information, please contact GASP or ask us for assistance. Patients with high deductibles or coinsurance payscan limit their liability to discounted rates for patients without insurance.
  • We routinely use “deep sedation” anesthesia for best patient comfort and monitoring of patient during colonoscopy and endoscopy procedures., w
  • Dr. Rahbar does NOT routinely use “moderate sedation”. Our experience shows that when using “moderate sedation” some patients may not be adequately sedated before or during the procedure(s) and hence left with an unpleasant experience. Recovery from anesthesia may also be slower with “moderate sedation” with more “hangover feeling” than with “deep sedation”.
  • ANTHEM BLUE CROSS OF CALIFORNIA and rarely other insurances may not cover “deep sedation” anesthesia by anesthesiologist for endoscopy and colonoscopy–unless you meet certain criteria on a Letter of Medical Necessity”. As part of your pre-op evaluation, we will notify you if you meet Medical Necessity Criteria set by Anthem Blue Cross of California. -((Link to Letter of Medical Necessity Criteria (LINK here)).

ANTHEM BLUE CROSS OF CALIFORNIA does provide coverage for “moderate sedation” generally administered by the gastroenterologist, i.e., the gastroenterologist performing the procedure and giving the sedation and monitoring the patient–all at the same time. Dr. Rahbar does NOT routinely participate in this type of practice.

  • You will have an opportunity to discuss your anesthesia preferences and concerns, if any, with the anesthesiologist before you enter the operating suite.
  • You are under no obligation to perform your procedure(s) with Dr. Rahbar, yet if you do agree to proceed with Dr. Rahbar then you consent to the method of the anesthesia that Dr. Rahbar finds most appropriate for his patients, which is typically to have an anesthesiologist administer “deep sedation”. See below for alternatives.
  • Your Alternatives Choices for Anesthesia:
  • No anesthesia, yet have an anesthesiologist “stand-by” in the operating suite to monitor your progress and if needed administer some level of anesthesia to comfortably and safely complete the procedure.
  • Request for a “light” anesthesia by an anesthesiologist to monitor your progress and if needed administer additional level of anesthesia to comfortably and safely complete the procedure.
  • The risk of anesthesia is discussed in the Colonoscopy, Endoscopy Consent and General Information.
  • For non-covered anesthesia services, patients with PPO ANTHEM BLUE CROSS OF CALIFORNIA are generally given the choice of paying a discounted flat rate at the time of service or within twenty days of receiving an invoice from GASP.
  • Discounted flat rate for anesthesia is generally around $250 for one procedure and $300 for both endoscopy and colonoscopy procedures, when done in the same session. Rates are subject to change based on GASP policies.
  • Patients with NO insurance, or non-contracted with GASP insurance:
  • Discounted flat rate for anesthesia is generally around $250 for one procedure and $300 for both endoscopy and colonoscopy procedures, when done in the same session. Rates are subject to change based on GASP policies.

If YOU receive a CHECK from your insurance

  • You may receive a check from your insurance for any service that was provided by a non-contracted medical entity/ facility/pathology or laboratory (called here “vendor”).
  • Handle with care!
  • Prompt attention is required as follows:
  • – Review the date of service and the name of the vendor carefully.
  • If you submitted the claim yourself for reimbursement, then you are entitled to keep the check. If the vendor submitted the claim to the insurance company, then most likely the payment belongs to the vendor. Some labs may file a claim for you as a courtesy on your behalf (such as Doctors Data Lab) or for a fee (such as Realtime Lab for Mycotoxins).
  • Without proper handling of the check received, your account with the vendor may be subject to collections efforts.
  • You may ask us for assistance, but please do so as soon as possible and before collection efforts are started.

Hospital affiliation for Dr. Farshid Sam Rahbar, MD

Past: Cedars Sinai Attending/Admitting Physician 1987-2015.

Current: “Refer and Follow” privileges at Cedars Sinai.

  • In case you need admission at Cedars Sinai, Dr. Rahbar can refer you and follow your data during admission or after discharge. The admitting physician and the consulting physician(s), however, would be other than Dr. Rahbar. These physicians could be those of your own choice or recommended by Dr. Rahbar. An actual “Hospital Visit” may be courtesy or result in a corresponding fee. After discharge, you may return to Dr. Rahbar’s care.

Pathology Services 

  • Expert reading of the tissue specimens is crucial in making proper diagnosis and management. As such, whenever possible, we use pathologists with expertise in reading GI pathology.
  • Pathfinder Lab retains UCLA GI pathologists and is our first choice for pathology specimens.
  • Pathology charges and patient portions vary case by case, depending upon the number of specimens, and the type of special stains or testing that becomes required. As such, it is impossible to estimate an exact dollar amount that becomes “patient portion”. The following, however, can be said as guidelines:
  • If your insurance recognizes the Pathfinder Lab as in network, then you will be billed for what your insurance determines as “your portion”.Otherwise, if you receive a statement where “your portion” is more than $450, you may ask for our assistance to review the bill.
  • – Patients without insurance (or those with very high deductibles) can request flat-rate arrangements that can be paid prior to invoicing.
  • Dr. Rahbar is a part owner with New Era Consulting, Inc., a company that provides consulting services to Pathfinder Lab.

Consents for Endoscopy and Colonoscopy

  • During visits, patients are encouraged to ask questions before their procedures about risks, benefits, and alternative approaches available and their drawbacks.
  • Such inquiries should be addressed in a dedicated time associated with a visit.
  • A general consent for surgeries is provided at the time of arrival to the surgical center.
  • In addition to the surgical center consent, we have provided you with general information about endoscopy and colonoscopy including risks/benefits and alternative approaches and their drawbacks. 
  • By signing the consent for the procedure(s) you acknowledge that we have provided you with general information about the procedure(s) and an opportunity to ask questions prior to your scheduled surgery.