Analytical ServicesAt Los Angeles Integrative Gastroenterology & Nutrition we offer a variety of analytical services to determine the cause of your health problems and create a plan to start the healing process. The areas we cover include anti-aging medicine, assessment of oxidative stressfunctional medicinecustomized nutritionalternative therapiesfood sensitivities, and inflammation control. In addition, LA Integrative Gastroenterology & Nutrition can perform an evaluation of a patient’s digestive tract.

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Anti-Aging Medicine

Anti-Aging medicine refers to a term that was first created in the early 1990s by Dr. Ronald Klatz. The goals of Anti-Aging Medicine are to detect, prevent, and treat age-related diseases. At LA Integrative Gastroenterology & Nutrition, we offer this by promoting a healthy digestive system and focusing on a holistic, whole-body approach.

Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress comes from an imbalance in the production of reactive oxygen species (oxidized compounds in the body) and the body’s ability to remove them. When the body cannot readily remove these oxidized compounds damage to tissue can result, leading to an increase in aging.

At LA Integrative Gastroenterology & Nutrition, we work to reduce the damage of oxidative stress through a combination of anti-aging medicine and a holistic, “whole-person” approach to your digestive health.

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is a type of treatment that seeks to shift the tradition disease-centered focus of medicine to a more patient-oriented practice. The goal of functional medicine is to address the whole person, rather than a set of isolated symptoms. To do this, the functional medicine approach requires doctors to spend time with their patients. They listen to their patients histories and assess the interactions among environmental, genetic, and lifestyle elements in their lives.

As part of the functional medicine approach, we at LA Integrative Gastroenterology & Nutrition take into account the following areas of the patient’s life and body:

  • Inflammation
  • Oxidative stress
  • Gut integrity
  • Structural abnormalities
  • Immune system
  • Toxic exposure
  • Ability of the body to detoxify
  • Hormones and neurotransmitters
  • Psychological equilibrium

We also incorporate overall lifestyle, sleep quality, exercise, personal relationships, self-care, belief systems, and more. The patient’s history may reveal predisposing factors, known as antecedents, as well as triggering events.

Customized Nutrition

To best accommodate the needs of our patients, we take an individualized approach to every patient’s nutritional needs. Comprehensive nutritional testing is now available through several specialized laboratories, and the results make an important addition to the knowledge obtained through a patient’s history and physical exam. By combining customized nutritional recommendations with a variety of other approaches, we are able to offer treatment of the whole person rather than just the symptoms.

Alternative Therapies

More and more patients are pursuing complementary and alternative medicine as a way to manage their medical symptoms and conditions. At LA Integrative Gastroenterology & Nutrition, we offer a wide variety of alternative therapies that utilize a whole-body approach to help our patients optimize their nutritional status, correct nutrition deficiencies, manage hormone imbalances, and control inflammation.

Food Sensitivities

While many people confuse the two, food allergies and food sensitivities are not actually the same. The term food allergy refers to a specific immune system response to certain foods. The term food sensitivity is more general and refers to a broader range of unpleasant symptoms that occur after a person has eaten certain foods. Typical symptoms of food sensitivities include dizziness, foggy thinking, irregular digestion, bloating, runny nose or excess mucus, muscle or joint pain, depression, mood swings, fatigue, and headaches. In order to help our patients discover what causes their food sensitivities, we offer comprehensive testing and customized nutrition recommendations.

Inflammation Control

Inflammation refers to a process by which the body’s immune system works to protect it from invading viruses and bacteria. When this inflammation becomes chronic, meaning it lasts for several months or more, it can become problematic or dangerous. This chronic inflammation can actually result in the thickening or scarring of connective tissue and even the death of cells or tissue. The goal of inflammation control is to help the inflammation return to normal levels.

Digestive and Other Complaints

Digestive disorders cover a wide range of conditions, from acid reflux to food allergies, diarrhea, malnutrition, and more. Millions of Americans suffer from these disorders. We at LA Integrative Gastroenterology & Nutrition take a “whole-person” approach toward finding the cause of a patients’ digestive disorders and helping them to start healing. The same is also true of other complaints. Our bodies are more connected than most people think. And often, pains from other parts of the body are related to the digestive system. At LA Integrative Gastroenterology & Nutrition, we provide expert opinions in discovering these connections and devising the appropriate treatment.

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