Alternative TherapiesEvery day more and more people are turning to alternative therapies to treat their medical conditions. Gastroenterology is no different. That’s why at LA Integrative Gastroenterology & Nutrition we utilize the latest alternative therapies to offer a “whole-person” approach for treating our patients.

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Complementary and Alternative Medicine

By some estimates, nearly 40% of adults in the United States have reported using some form of complementary or alternative medicine. While the exact distinctions of what is considered complementary and alternative medicine is constantly changing, the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) classifies it as:

  • Whole-body medical systems – medical systems that go beyond a single practice or remedy, such as homeopathy and naturopathy
  • Biologically based practices – treatments that focus on ingredients found in nature, including the use of ginseng, ginkgo, echinacea, selenium, glucosamine sulfate, SAMe
  • Mind-body medicine – medicine that focuses on communication between the mind and body, such as meditation, prayer, relaxation, and art therapies
  • Energy medicine – a practice that focuses on the invisible energy forces in the body, such as qi gong and magnet therapy
  • Body manipulation practices – techniques that use touch to manipulate the body, including chiropractic and osteopathic practices

Complementary medicine typically refers to the combination of conventional medical approaches in combination with conventional approaches. Alternative medicine refers to the use of non-conventional medical approaches in place of conventional medicine.

“Whole-Person” Approach

At Los Angeles Integrative Gastroenterology & Nutrition, we focus on providing our patients with a unique “whole-person” approach. This means we offer patient-centered care that strives to create health and healing throughout the entire body, rather than focusing on treating the symptoms alone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is holistic medicine?

A: Holistic medicine is a medical practice that utilizes the link between brain, body, behavior, and environment. It assesses not just the physical aspects of health but also the emotional, social, spiritual, and behavioral elements.

Q: How is alternative medicine different from conventional medicine?

A: There are many differences between alternative and conventional medicine. These include a focus on the healing power of nature over technology and patient-centered, rather than physician-centered, care.

Q: What are the benefits of a holistic medicine?

A: Holistic medicine is designed to take into account a broader spectrum of the patient’s experience. This includes lifestyle, beliefs, and habits. It is also more conscious than conventional medicine of the importance of using treatments that are least likely to do harm to the patient.

Q: What is integrative medicine?

A: Integrative medicine is a type of medical treatment that combines conventional medicine with the techniques of alternative and complementary medicine.

Q: Is alternative medicine safe?

A: There is no easy answer to that question because, like conventional medicine, much of it depends on the specific doctor you are seeing. The best way to make sure your alternative or holistic treatments are safe is to see a reputable, board-certified doctor trained in functional medicine.

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