At LA Integrative Gastroenterology & Nutrition, we offer our patients a range of supplements. If you wish to purchase any supplements, please contact our office at (310) 289-8000. Some of the supplements we can provide for our patients include the following:

Product List: By Category (Not all inclusive)


Who Can Buy:

We generally sell supplements to patients who have an established medical record with our office.

Where To Buy:

If you are an established patient with our office, you may place an order by contacting us or emailing us

Buy on FullScript

You can order supplements through our partner website  FullScript
Purchase products through our Fullscript virtual dispensary.

How To Order:

To order through our office directly, please call or send an email to We will respond to you with the total cost, shipping method, and the approximate date of delivery.

Where To Pick Up:

Established patients of our practice may also pick up supplements directly from our “in-office store”. Please check for availability first.

Choice Of Supplements:

To reduce the confusion about nutraceutical supplements, we have created a directory of our hand-selected supplements for your review (see Product List above). These dietary supplements are generally considered “medical foods” or “functional foods” because they may have health benefits. Even though we recommend our selected supplements, patients ultimately have their own choice to make.

Our Selection:

All of our supplements have been researched by Dr. Farshid Sam Rahbar. These products are generally sold under branding of KimiaLogic, Inc. KimiaLogic products are competitively priced when compared to products of similar quantity, quality, and dosing.

Factors We Considered:

In selecting such supplements, Dr. Rahbar has considered quality and reputation of the manufacturer, their GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), source of the raw materials, choice of being allergen free, the scientific literature, and our overall experience as well as feedback from our patients over the last several years.

These are the products that we have had the most experience with as far as their potential benefits and acceptance by our patients.

Product Purity:

Most of our products are free from allergens derived from gluten, yeast, and artificial colors and flavors. Patients, however, should read each product description, ingredients, and the suggested use to make sure that they are not allergic or intolerant of any of the contents. Many of our products are made to be acceptable to vegetarians.

What You Should Do Before Taking Supplements:

Read the product label. We also sincerely recommend that every patient discuss their supplement use with their health-care providers, even though these products are available without prescription.
Please always consider the issue of drug/herb/nutrient interaction and discuss with your health-care provider.

Potential Side Effects:

Any individual taking any type of nutraceutical supplement, or medical or functional food, may experience true allergy, intolerance, reaction of some sort, worsening of their medical condition, etc. due to allergy, inherited intolerance, sub-optimal dosing or drug/nutrient interactions. Please stop the product and check with your health-care provider if you believe any of the above has occurred.

Discuss with your physician if you are or want to become pregnant and are taking nutraceutical supplements.

Supplement Storage:

Most of our products are stored at room temperature unless otherwise stated on the product label.


  • All supplements returns subject to a 15% restocking fee.
  • The product must be unopened and in normal condition.
  • You may return the product within 20 days from the date of purchase.
  • We may refund you if: the product is opened, has expired, seal is broken, it was a special order or refrigerated, or on-sale item.

DISCLAIMER: None of the information expressed here is intended to prevent or treat any disease or specific medical condition. We do not guarantee any products or their results. Please always consult with a health-care provider.

FDA DISCLAIMER: These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The FDA has not evaluated these statements.

WARNING: Please consult with a healthcare professional FIRST before starting any products if you are pregnant, nursing, have any allergic reaction to any component of the product, or have any chronic recurring symptoms or illness.